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Review: Apollo Junction, When We Grow Up

The latest release from Apollo Junction, When We Grow Up, is released today. Naturally, I couldn’t let it go by without a post, but I’m currently on holiday so it’s a bloody short one!

A playful, uplifting, summery anthem, When We Grow Up is a departure from the heavier, more brooding tracks released by Apollo Junction of late, yet with all the trademarks of Leeds’ finest five piece. A metaphor, perhaps, for the freedom that follows 18 months of restrictions, hardship, fear, sadness and challenging times. A nod to the warm weather and carefree spirits that come with it. Or maybe we’re reading far too much into it and it’s just a bloody good track….

Make sure to check out the video, too - a glorious compilation of the band’s fans celebrating and sharing their happy moments. I defy you not to smile at it! You can find it here:


You can also pre-order second album All In here, along with a t shirt or two:


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