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Review: Apollo Junction - Borderlines

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Powerful new release from the Leeds-based electro rock n' roll quintet on the edge of glory

What did you do during lockdown?

Amidst the panic, uncertainty, battling for bog roll, painting rainbows, home schooling, baking banana bread, getting a garden tan, calling Dominic Cummings a twat or working all hours to try and keep things running, Apollo Junction have been pretty productive. They’ve released three singles with national airplay, signed a record deal with Shed Load Records in July, lined up several gigs for 2021 – including playing at the Isle of Wight Festival, supporting Kaiser Chiefs and holding a massive hometown gig next March – as well as working on their second album, making Spotify’s Rock playlist (with half a million listeners) and celebrating their beloved Leeds United securing promotion to the Premier League.

Most people would, at this point, have a bit of a rest. Not these lads. As well as the re-release on vinyl of debut album Mystery next month, they’re about to unleash a belter of a new single.

"Crackling with atmosphere, this is one for the nocturnals, the bass-loving hedonists who want to say bollocks to social distancing and pile down to the front to bounce along"

Released on September 11th, Borderlines is a big, bass-laden thunderbolt of a track, heavy with moody rhythms and intense vocals. Set to be a sure-fire fan favourite, it’s got Gig Opener written all over it with its stomping, crowd-hyping tempo and singalong chorus. ‘I’m only happy when the sun goes down/I’m only happy when the lights are out’ growls singer Jamie as the sound builds and the drums rumble. Crackling with atmosphere, this is one for the nocturnals, the bass-loving hedonists who want to say bollocks to social distancing and pile down to the front to bounce along. There’s even a short but outstanding guitar solo to air-riff along to in the car. When the world settles back to whatever normal is going to be and we’re all back at gigs, this one is taking the roof off.

I loathe using the word anthem due to its overuse, but fuck it. This is an anthem. It’s the gearshift to the next level as this band heads towards their big breakthrough, seemingly unstoppable in their ascendency. Apollo Junction have released some cracking singles before, but this feels different. There’s a swagger to them, a greater sense of purpose. Shit just got real.

I’ve followed the band for around six years now, from If I Fell (still one of my favourite songs and one which is very special to me) through all their subsequent singles, videos, social media posts and celebrations of success, and I can honestly say they deserve that big breakthrough. The music industry is beyond tough, but they’ve grafted their arses off with smiles on their faces and they have never given up. True Yorkshire grit in a world where people give up on things way too easily.

Borderlines is released on September 11th. You can listen online through the usual streaming services and buy their debut album, Mystery, at https://www.shedloadrecords.co.uk/shop

The video’s pretty special too;

Post-COVID, artists and venues alike are struggling. With no income and little certainty of gigs returning full-scale any time soon, they need all the help they can get. Please support them where you can - let’s not lose the exciting talent and great, independent places to watch them play in.

Apollo Junction are;

Jamie Williamson – vocals

Matt Wilson – guitars

Ben Hope – bass

Jonathan Thornton – drums

Sam Potter – keys

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ApolloJunction/

Twitter @apollojunction

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