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Review: Be Quiet Shout Loud! - (Til the Weekend) Comes Round Again

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Well then. It’s been a few years since I reviewed (life got in the way and there's been the small matter of a global pandemic throwing my attention away from the release date), but what better way to kick things off again than with this absolute anthem!  Destined to become a live favourite when the world is back to normal, (Til the Weekend) Comes Round Again is the latest release from Teesside band Be Quiet Shout Loud and is the first of three singles they’ll be releasing ahead of their new LP, due at the end of May. Opening in classic BQSL style with a power chord straight to the face, there’s no mucking about here. This is a stormer of a track to holler along to when you’ve had it with the daily grind and you just want to party, lifting your spirits with a hefty dollop of ‘80s-tinged synth and one of the best guitar solos this side of Slash. If you’ve never experienced a BQSL gig, you’ve not lived. They have an incredible energy, the crowds are always buzzing and at least one band member ends up on the floor, in the crowd, upside down or a combination of all three (usually frontman Ste, but all bets are off with this lot). Please, if you get chance to see them live, do. Watching them bounce off the walls of a boat a few years ago in front of a hyped-up audience is still one of the most memorable gigs from my time in the North East. Have a listen below, shimmy about a bit, grab your air guitar and forget about how shit the world is right now. This will pass, we'll all be out enjoying ourselves again and moaning about work in between! Just remember however crap the week might be, you’re never more than five days away from the next weekend!

Stay home, stay safe and get ready for the day you can watch these guys take the roof off whatever venue they're gigging in.

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